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The Rotorwings pilots in the formation team are expressive in their demonstration, in their complete control of the machine and their keen sense for precision co-operation when it comes to formation flying. The vision has become reality – and those individual passions for flying become the cohesive and dynamic element in the Red Bull Rotorwings Formation Team.

Idea & Initiators
of Red Bull Rotorwings

Otmar Zotter

d-mobz 2Right wingman

When I heard the advertising slogan ‘Red Bull gives you wings’ for the first time in 1988, it was clear to me that my hobby, paragliding, was in keeping with this slogan.

With that, I got in touch with the company Red Bull – which at that time was still located in Alpenstraße in Salzburg, in a 5-room apartment – and was very surprised to be invited to a personal chat with Didi Mateschitz. This was the genesis of my almost 35 year stint working for Red Bull.

Peter Metzger

d-Mrbp 1Front man

I grew up in Leoben/Styria, and started out with model flying in 1981, then with gliding in 1989. In 1989/90 I started paragliding and then soon got to know Otmar Zotter. A long-standing camaraderie – which has lasted to this day – developed, from 1997 motorised paragliding together and since 2006 flying gyrocopters. After intensive training, World Championship titles followed in Two-seater Motorised Paragliding 2009 (Czech Republic) and runner-up titles in 2012 (Spain), as co-pilot and navigator respectively, in a team together with Walter Holzmüller.

Martin Kalan

d-mechLeft wingman

Martin Kalan is our very talented rookie and has been flying with our formation display since 2021. He also brings many years of experience in gliding.

Alois Redl

d-mobz 2Team Photographer

I have been a passionate photographer for 25 years.
Capturing moments in pictures has always been a wonderful experience for me.
My second passion has always been aviation. Combining the two is of course the optimum blend for me.

Günther Sunitsch

Crew member

I’m happy that I can support the Red Bull Rotorwings Formation team at various events.